Cardiac Imaging

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Cardiac Imaging

At Parto Heart & Vascular in Los Angeles and Newport Beach, California, interventional cardiologist Parham Parto, MD, MPH, FACC, uses cutting-edge cardiac imaging tools to pinpoint and treat your cardiovascular problem. Dr. Parto determines the most suitable diagnostic methods for you based on his overall and cardiovascular health assessment. Call today or schedule your cardiac imaging evaluation using the online booking button.

What is cardiac imaging?

Cardiac imaging includes diagnostic tests that take pictures of your heart and the surrounding area. 

These pictures help Dr. Parto diagnose cardiovascular conditions and monitor the effectiveness of his treatment plan. He also uses these images to assist in performing interventional cardiology procedures.

Do I need cardiac imaging following a cardiovascular assessment?

Dr. Parto determines what types of tests you need following your cardiovascular assessment. He performs cardiovascular and general physical exams to assess heart disease risk and help manage underlying health conditions that contribute to heart disease. 

He discusses his process before he begins your evaluation and then explains what type of cardiac imaging you need so he can fully assess heart health. 

What are types of cardiac imaging?

Parto Heart & Vascular offers many types of cardiac imaging. Some of the methods Dr. Parto uses include:

Chest X-ray

A chest X-ray is one of the first cardiac imaging tests Dr. Parto uses to diagnose heart disease or assess the heart’s response to treatment. 

Cardiac computed tomography (CT) scan

A cardiac CT scan takes multiple X-rays to create a cross-sectional image of your heart, allowing Dr. Parto to evaluate the anatomy, circulation, and blood vessels. 

Cardiac MRI

A cardiac MRI creates a 3D image of your heart. Dr. Parto requests this imaging test to evaluate your heart tissue and blood circulation.


An echocardiography is an ultrasound imaging test that evaluates the structure and function of your heart. 

Positron emission tomography (PET)

PET is a nuclear imaging test that creates detailed 3D images of your heart. Dr. Parto may order this cardiac imaging test to determine whether you need surgery. 

Myocardial perfusion scans

Myocardial perfusion scans are nuclear stress tests that examine the heart muscle and the flow of blood through the heart.

Nuclear imaging single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

A nuclear imaging SPECT scan shows how your heart functions, checking for coronary artery disease (CAD) and arrhythmias.

Cardiac catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is an interventional cardiology procedure that uses a catheter to evaluate your heart from the inside.

Coronary calcium scan

A coronary calcium scan is a CT scan that looks for calcium deposits in your heart. Calcium deposits may show early signs of narrowing in your arteries. 

Electrophysiology study (EPS)

EPS is an interventional cardiology procedure that evaluates your heart’s electrical system. 

Advanced cardiac imaging provides valuable information about your cardiovascular health. Call Parto Heart & Vascular today or schedule your evaluation using the online booking button.